Property Title Search Report Services

Overview of Property Title Search Report

A Property Title Search Report is an essential tool that helps prospective buyers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders understand the legal status and history of a property. This report delves into the property's ownership history, checks for any encumbrances or claims, and verifies that the property is free of any legal disputes. By providing a detailed and thorough analysis, the Property Title Search Report ensures that the title of the property is clear and marketable.

Property Search Report Amicus Publico LLP

Key Features of Our Property Title Search Report Services

Comprehensive Ownership History:

  • Traces the property’s ownership history, documenting transfers from the original owner to the current seller.
  • Ensures that each transfer is legally valid and free from any disputes.

Encumbrance Check:

  • Verifies if the property is free from mortgages, liens, or other claims that might affect ownership.
  • Assesses the presence of any pending charges or unresolved issues impacting the property's clear title status.

Certified Preparation by Expert Advocates:

  • Prepared by professional advocates who thoroughly examine registry documents and validate the property's status.
  • Advocates issue a title certificate after an exhaustive review of relevant records from the registrar’s office.

Critical for Loan Approvals:

  • A crucial part of obtaining a housing loan, helping banks and financial institutions verify property titles before approving loans.
  • Ensures the lending process is smooth and secure by confirming the property's marketability.

Detailed Investigation and Reporting:

  • Provides a meticulous examination of property documents for up to the past 30 years, depending on client needs.
  • Includes site visits and extensive reviews of public records, court filings, and other relevant documentation.

Mandatory for Legal Transactions:

  • As required by law, a copy of the search report is annexed to the ‘agreement to sell’, confirming the property's clear title and highlighting any legal discrepancies or claims.

Support in Banking and Financial Sector:

  • Assists banks in processing loans by assuring that the property in question is not under any encumbrance.
  • Critical for enabling housing loans as banks avoid financing properties with disputed titles.

Risk Mitigation for Buyers and Sellers:

  • Acts as a security measure for buyers, providing confidence that the property is free from legal complications and marketable.
  • Protects sellers by demonstrating clear ownership and transferring clean properties to buyers.

Components of Our Property Title Search Report

Property Description:

  • Detailed information on the property’s location, size, zoning, and tax records.

Ownership Details:

  • Names and history of all past and present titleholders, ensuring the legitimacy of each transfer.

Lien and Mortgage Information:

  • Identification of any liens, mortgages, overdue taxes, or boundary concerns.

Legal Findings:

  • Summarizes any court cases, litigations, or legal issues that may affect the property’s title.

Customizable Report:

  • Tailored to meet the specific requirements of banks, NBFCs, and other stakeholders involved in the transaction.

Steps in Conducting Property Title Search

Document Verification:

  • Thorough review of all property-related documents, ensuring accuracy and completeness by comparing original and photocopied documents.

Registry Office Search:

  • Examination of public records in the Sub-Registry Office to verify recorded deeds, transfers, and any encumbrances.

Court Record Search:

  • Review of court records to uncover any ongoing or past litigation that may affect the property.

Essential Elements in Our Property Search Reports

Property Details:

  • Measurement, location, nature, and history of the property.

Ownership Information:

  • Names and details of current and past owners, along with transfer history.

Tax and Encumbrance Status:

  • Verification of unpaid taxes, mortgages, and any third-party interests.

Legal Clearances:

  • Assurance that there are no pending legal issues or litigations.

Expert Opinions:

  • Professional insights, suggestions, and comments to guide clients in making informed decisions.

Why Choose Amicus Publico LLP?

Experienced Advocates:

  • Our team of expert property lawyers is adept at conducting thorough and detailed property title searches.

Reliability and Trust:

  • We provide accurate and dependable reports, ensuring the security and legitimacy of your property transactions.

Comprehensive Service:

  • Our Property Title Search Reports cover every aspect needed to guarantee a clear and marketable title, protecting buyers and lenders alike from potential legal troubles.

For more information about our Property Title Search Report services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 8058298666.

Amicus Publico LLP is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services and comprehensive property title search reports, ensuring your property transactions are secure, informed, and legally sound.

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