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Our civil / criminal litigation attorneys are effective problem solvers who are able to recognize that our clients look to us for solutions that help them achieve their business and financial goals. Effective dispute resolution is essential to success and is always tackled as a cost effective means to avoid timely and protracted litigation. On the other hand, where mutual resolution cannot be achieved short of litigation, our attorneys are aggressive and knowledgeable about the law and are fully capable of zealously advocating the interests of the clients in the court room. We work closely with our clients to develop a litigation strategy that is cost-effective yet geared towards obtaining favorable results. Our litigation attorneys represent clients in all levels of the court system. Additionally, we also appear before arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution proceeding systems. We also represent clients in administrative proceedings involving employer/employee disputes before the Workers Compensation Appeals Board and Labor Board. Our clients range from individuals to international corporations in technology companies, software and hardware companies, telecommunications companies, retailers, wholesalers, real estate investment companies, and multi-media companies. We pursue every avenue of opportunity for satisfactory resolution of the client’s litigation by deploying all appropriate legal means to protect, enforce, and pursue legitimate rights and claims, while at the same time minimizing client risk. Our litigation philosophy is to utilize all means possible to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. If informal resolution fails, we represent the interests of the client with full vigor and passion through the judicial process from start to finish.

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