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We are a team of dedicated and highly motivated professionals comprising of law graduates, chartered accountants, engineers and management graduates.

Our Team is part of major headline transactions, offer suggestions about the best course of action to clients on most consisting of many different matters and disputes in great deal of various sectors. Our Team share the work of clients to grow and protect while they are growing their regular occupation/profession/trade.

Our associate includes our team with multiracial law. Our Team crack worldwide mesh of over various independent law firms across wide jurisdictions allows us to resource our clients globally. Our Team supply cutting edge educate by blending its legal degree of skill with deep engaged in commerce insight.

Our counsel seeks to look yonder the impact of a single problem or treaty, an alternative or substitute.

Our Team are caused by strong belief about our selected domain proficiency. Our team work jointly on an activity to which a number of people contribute skills acquired through experience of theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Our Team modify advice that helps cause to become less severe or serious attempt to persuade into doing connected with something multiplex resolve.

Mrs. Anuradha Upadhyay

she started her practice in Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bench in year 2003. Her high dedication, sincerity and knowledge is not new or strange for court related people; may be they are Justice, Advocate or parties. Due to her great abilities and skill, she was appointed as standing counsel for Govt. of India by Ministry of Law, for contesting/ defending interest of Govt. of India and she has been discharging her duties in great manner. Her experience and skill elevated her for next level and the Government of India appointed her as Senior Panel Counsel for Central Government. She has been contesting corporate litigation; constitutional matters; service matters; civil matters; litigation related to power sector. She has great skill of argument. Presently working/empanelled for various corporate and State of Government departments too.

Mr. Ganesh Sharma

He started his practice in Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bench in 2003 Earlier worked as standing counsel for Govt. of India and handled various type of litigation. He is handling litigation banking, Money Laundering, FEMA, Consumer, Criminal, Service, real estate. He is practicing in Rajasthan High Court Jaipur alongwith various Tribunals & trial court. He has good exposure in civil and criminal trials also. He is skilled in banking and money laundering(PMLA) matters.

Mr. Ravindra Bhardwaj

He has done his B.Com, after that M.B.A. from a very prestigious college and there after completed his LL.B. He is working with us very long time. He is very hard working and ambitious and has broad knowledge in legal field; he handles the cases in subordinate courts, and work amazingly.

Mr. Yogesh Bhati

He has excellent qualification, done B.Com after that LL.B., has Diploma in Labour Law, Diploma in Taxation Law and has his master degree LL.M in Criminology. He has vast knowledge in various legal works. He handles our subordinate court work with his best skill in argument and knowledge in bare act provisions.

Mr. Vishnu Choudhary

He has done his B.A. and thereafter did his M.A. in political Science. He works as an office manager and maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

Mr. Ajay Kumar

He is holding position of Litigation Head. He has great experience in field work for any mining environmental projects. He has great ability to handle mining matter and for the same can work in field also for any technicality. He possessed experience of working as country head in out side India with various multi national companies for mining matters (in field specialization)

Mrs. Anuradha Sharma

She has done her LL.B. after B.Sc. and handling different type of litigation. She has best experience in formation of trust, society matters and for the same she has worked on grassroot level in N.G.O’s for working system. She has visited USA for work also.

Mr. Kapil Goyal

He has done his degree in I.T. & Computers and also visited U.S.A. to experience working style in U.S.A. He has great experience to solve I.T. & Computer related litigation for handle cyber & hack matter.

Mr. Vineet R. Dave

He has done his LL.B. and now serving as legal head for principle bench Rajasthan High Court Jodhpur great ability of argument and research work. Handling corporate, service, civil, banking matters. He has handled matters related to Nursing Council.

Mrs. Preety Sharma

She has done graduation in commerce. She has great ability to handle matters related to accounts. She is working in H.R. Cell for all communication with all our clients.

Shobha Sharma

She is one of the best in our advocates and handles the case of Rajasthan High Court. She has almost 9 years of experience in litigation and she is extraordinary in their work. She has Wide knowledge in various types of field. And sometimes she guides juniors and interns in the firm

Mr. Giriraj Gurjar

He is working as clerk in firm since 2003. He is very honest and efficient employee of the firm and do all type of clerical work related to High Court, Jaipur Bench.

Mr. B.M. Sharma

Former Additional Director department of Mines & Geology. He is taking care in firm mining projects, environmental issue law as well as field work. He has experience of outside country projects. He visited Vietnam, Africa, China & other countries for projects. He has a great knowledge of Law regarding mines, geology, environmental, wild life etc.

Mr. Ashfaq Ahemad

He is a well qualified advocate. He has done his LL.B. and now he becomes a part of our firm, he has good knowledge in legal field and handles the cases in Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh, and Bhilwada behalf of our firm.

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